Colour Fields



July 2015 ––



Interactive Installation



In his final year of study at the NCCA, Bournemouth University, Stuart Batchelor developed a process to create and install an Interactive Digital Painting.


The development was driven by the passion to see a new kind of digital experience while also examining the history of art's relationship with technology to better understand the potential of new ideas the computer enables.

The process culminated in a live installation displaying real-time computer graphics in which the audience interacted with the piece through a radio sensor they held with them.

To execute this required a multi-disciplined approach involving; the construction of bespoke graphics software, research and use of existing 3d software for the different phases of production and contextual artistic research into methods of interaction, artistic invention and the theory of images, digital and traditional.

Through a driven development phase and heavy research, this project won the annual NCCA Best Report of the Year.