Threaded Anima



January 2019 ––



Generative Artwork



The anima is the soul, the unconscious mind - something unmistakably human. Our thoughts, concurrent threads running through our lives, are at times complimentary, sometimes at odds and always complex. How is it we can be one thing AND another? Life is not binary, neither are we; our opinions, our personalities, our experience.


The ordering of this chaos is the artistic process, seeking answers where there are several or none at all, navigating the tumultuous seas and waves of vivid ideas and lost potential - like the oceanic bodies in the work pouring from the artist's canvas.


The series seeks to embody this dichotomy. Like humans, it is comprised of concurrent and sometimes opposite ideas, subtle nuance paired with epic magnitude, the phenomenal and the sublime.


It is threaded, not only in aesthetics but in process - one built around concurrent computer 'threads' and concurrent practices, physical painting and digital computer graphics. This contrast is embraced by using the computer to make work embodying the anima - by using the inhuman to extend the human in an effort to express in new and deeper ways.