Is a London-based artist who works at the intersection of technology and traditional art. He uses data as drawing material to blur the boundaries between machine and hand-made visuals.


Driven by the desire to unite painting and computing, Batchelor creates interactive, video and still work that uses the physical process of painting to reveal new perspectives on data.


The final work is a dialogue between the data-encoded paint, the marks it makes and the artist.


Alongside his artwork, he actively publishes papers and research centring on the development of code combined with physical and intuitive drawing - developing tools and technology alongside art that aid in the expressive potential of computers. 







Please send an email for any inquiries about gallery and museum exhibitions, screenings, installations, workshops and press.

Also available for commissions for music videos, editorial illustrations, book covers, feature film motion graphics and art direction, live concert visuals, album artwork and more.

Some of the artworks are available for licensing. Please inquire for more information.

Contact Here.



2019 Event 2 @ The RCA: A Framework For Future Paintings. 15.07.19, London, UK

2019 EVA: A Framework For Future Paintings. 11.07.19, London, UK

2019 EVA: Event 2 Preview Panel. 09.07.19, London, UK

2019 FLUX: Intelligent Matter Roundtable. Artist Speaker. 24.05.19, London, UK

2019 FLUX: SOCIAL. Artist Speaker. 30.04.19, London, UK


2019 Victoria & Albert Museum: Digital Design Weekend 2019, 21.09.19 - 22.09.19, London, UK

2019 Royal College of Art: Generative Painting Workshops. 17.07.19, London, UK

2019 Intelligent Matter: Generative Painting Workshops. 25.05.19 - 26.05.19, London, UK


2019 EVA Proceedings: A Framework For Future Paintings. British Computing Society


2019 Victoria & Albert Museum: Digital Design Weekend 2019, London, UK

2019 Royal College of Art: Event 2, London, UK

2019 Maxilla Space: Intelligent Matter, London, UK

2019 – Ugly Duck: Anamorphic Waves, London, UK

2019 – Saatchi Art: The Other Art Fair, London, UK

2019 – Loosen Art: Bodies In Movement, Rome, Italy

2019 – ArtNumber23: Alpha Theta, London, UK

2018 – ACM SIGGRAPH: The Urgency Of Reality In A Hyper-Connected Age, Online

2017 – Framestore Labs: Ford Hubs. Westfield World Trade Center, NY, US

2017 – Framestore Labs: Morgan Stanley #EagleUp. TPC Sawgrass, FL, US

2016 – Framestore Labs: Samsung Gear S3 World Choir. Piccadilly Circus, London, UK

2016 – Framestore Labs: Tate Modern: Explore Space. Tate Modern Switch House, London, UK

2015 – Framestore Labs: Morgan Stanley Digital Signage. Time Square, NY, US

2015 – Undergrad Dissertation: Interactive Colour Paths. NCCA, Bournemouth University, UK


2015 NCCA Best Report of the Year. NCCA, Bournemouth University, UK

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