Verse ・ Februrary 2023

75 Editions

Inspired by mosaic pattern work and post expressionism, Möbius inverts a trend of generative art, imperfect detailing. Instead using perfect detailing to make an imperfect whole. By playing with this idea it asks us to reevaluate these norms. Does our fascination with imperfection run deeper, beyond simple analog emulation?

By evoking tidal oceans, landmasses and typhoons composed of granular geometry, Möbius sets out to draw parallels with nature. Exposing our attraction to imperfection as something universal and atomic. At every scale of examination, both physical and emotional, behind every perceived perfection, an imperfection.

Möbius was released as part of the exhibition Imperfections on Verse.

Noisy Creatures

FxHash ・ Februrary 2023

34 Editions

‘Noisy Creatures’ is an exploration of play. Meandering lines grow from each other with childlike logic. Each limb is affected by the last in an impulsive act that in itself is the purpose - to follow the fun. Settling on an elusive abstract form, echoing a microscopic organism, ‘Noisy Creatures’ binds spontaneous thought with organic growth. It wields functions like crayons, it scribbles with the computer, revealing something messy, personal, and wholly human.


FxHash ・ November 2022

365 Editions

A pinwheel. Created as part of the anniversary mint event #fxhashturnsone.


FxHash ・ October 2022

258 Editions

Leviathan is a generative collection of large bodies made form particles, materialised from the viewers own subconscious. Atoms form gargantuan objects - subatomic monoliths and microscopic giants. Playing with the sense of scale it draws on the viewer’s subjective way of associating forms, a pattern that becomes a mirror, a skeleton for them to project. Part artist, part viewer. Leviathan asks us to question these relationships of creation, ownership and meaning. It is a chemical reaction that the artist starts and you finish. A colossal dream we are all sharing together - a leviathan.

Angels Egg

FxHash ・ June 2022

312 Editions

Perfect life forms descending from the heavens. Rebirth, a chance to be born again.


FxHash ・ April 2022

255 Editions

Code of earth. Treat yours well.

Following it's release, Gaiatica was selected as a Tender Icon, the curated list of iconic long-form generative artworks.